The ECE curriculum is designed to offer an education in three areas - foundational sciences, primary focus areas and technical electives. Students creating a course schedule following this program receive a well-balanced perspective of the world’s challenges and the industry’s role in contributing to advancements while gaining experience in their preferred area of research.

As part of the program, students must follow a strict policy of academic integrity.

Course List

EE 001A/EE 01LA

Engineering Circuit Analysis I

EE 001B

Engineering Circuit Analysis II

EE 003

Electronics, Smartphones, and Mobile Internet

EE 004

Nanotechnology: Science, Applications, and Future

EE 010

Introduction to Electrical Engineering

EE 020

Linear Methods For Engineering Analysis and Design Using MATLAB

EE 100A

Electronic Circuits

EE 100B

Electronic Circuits

EE 105

Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems

ENGR 108

Technology in Pre-Modern Civilizations

ENGR 109

Technology in Modern Europe & America, 1700-Present

EE 110A

Signals and Systems

EE 110B

Signals and Systems

EE 111

Digital and Analog Signals and Systems

EE 114

Probability, Random Variables, and Random Processes in Electrical Engineering

EE 115

Introduction to Communication Systems

EE 116

Engineering Electromagnetics

EE 117

Electromagnetics II

EE 118

Radio Frequency Circuit Design

EE 120A

Logic Design

EE 120A

Logic Design

EE 120B

Embedded Systems

EE 123

Power Electronics

EE 128

Data Acquisition, Instrumentation, and Process Control

EE 132

Automatic Control

EE 133

Solid-State Electronics

EE 135

Analog Integrated Circuit Layout and Design

EE 136

Semiconductor Device Processing

EE 137

Introduction to Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices

EE 138

Electronic Properties of Materials

EE 139

Magnetic Materials

EE 141

Digital Signal Processing

EE 142

EE 144

Introduction to Robotics

EE 146

Computer Vision

EE 147

GPU Computing and Prgramming

EE 151

Introduction to Digital Control

EE 152

Image Processing

EE 153

Electric Drives

EE 155

Power System Analysis

ENGR 160

Introduction to Engineering Optimization Techniques

EE 162

Introduction to Nanoelectronnics

EE 165

Design for Reliability of Integrated Circuits and Systems

EE 168

Introduction to Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Design

EE 175A

Senior Design Project

EE 175B

Senior Design Project


Technical Communications and Documentation

EE 191

Seminar in Electrical Engineering

EE 201

Applied Quantum Mechanics

EE 202

Fundamentals of Semiconductors and Nanostructures

EE 203

Solid State Devices

EE 204

Advanced Electromagnetics

EE 205

Optoelectronics and Photonic Devices

EE 206

Nanoscale Characterization Techniques

EE 208

Semiconductor Electron, Phonon, and Optical Properties

EE 210

Advanced Digital Signal Processing

EE 212

Quantum Electron Transport

EE 213

Computer-Aided Electronic Circuit Simulation

EE 214

Quantum Computing

EE 215

Stochastic Processes

EE 221

Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuit Design

EE 225

Error-Correcting Codes

EE 226

Wireless Communications

EE 230

Mathematical Methods for Electrical Engineers

EE 231

Convex Optimization in Engineering Applications

EE 232

Introduction to Smart Grid

EE 235

Linear Systems Theory

EE 236

State and Parameter Estimation Theory

EE 240

Pattern Recognition

EE 243

Advanced Computer Vision

EE 244

Computer Learning

EE 249

Power System Dynamics

EE 250

Information Theory

EE 252

Data Center Architecture

EE 255

Real-Time Embedded Systems

EE 257

Global Navigation Satellite System Signal Processing and Receiver Design

EE 259

Colloquium in Electrical Engineering

EE 260

Seminar in Electrical Engineering